Life coaching is something that can hugely affect your life – opening up confidence, opportunities, positive change and so much more. 

Yet sometimes, we can carry on suffering, thinking that ‘It’s just the way I am’, accepting our limitations and hardships and plodding on with the same old habits, beliefs and ways of being. We can hold ourselves back unnecessarily.

Here are five signs you might recognise (or are just denying to yourself) that are calling you to change and where life coaching can truly help you transform and make your life a whole lot happier.

You feel stuck.

I’ve been here so many times in the past.  Going round in circles, overthinking, trying to find out the reason why I’m feeling stuck and frustrated.  Maybe you feel annoyed at yourself for not moving forward in some way. Maybe you feel like life is on repeat, like groundhog day all too often and you’ve no idea really how to get yourself out of this cycle, then life coaching can really help.  It will help give you a new perspective, new beliefs of what’s possible, tools and techniques to find your purpose, clarity on who you are and want to be, to ignite the fire in your belly again and find your flow and momentum.  I now know there’s no need to suffer with feeling a lack of momentum.

You read a stack of self-help or personal development books but still aren’t where you’d like to be.

Firstly, good for you for identifying there’s an issue and trying to sort it out for yourself.  Books are amazing and I am always reading to broaden both my knowledge and perspective.  I love them.  However, even books with practical tips and worksheets to guide you sometimes aren’t enough to help you change or move forward in the way you’d like to.  This is where life coaching can help with a clear plan or intention to take you forward with support and accountability.  I also use limiting belief clearing techniques to work with your subconscious mind and programming, enabling you to clear things (beliefs, habits) that hold you back and help you gain greater self awareness.

Something feels like it’s missing.

This is a common feeling that clients of mine share with me.  They might on the surface seem to ‘have it all’ – the career, love life, gorgeous home, income, yet feel guilty for even admitting there’s something amiss.  But when you’re not following your truth, your soul, your desires, then no matter what you have in your life, you’ll feel the nudges and niggles to find out what that missing ‘thing’ is.  It might simply be for you to share your voice more, to speak up and be more honest.  It might be that the career you coveted is no longer lighting you up and you want to find a new path.  The missing piece can be anything and life coaching will help you understand what that is.

You find it hard to stick to good habits.

We’ve all been there and set inspiring new year resolutions, only to lose our good intentions a few weeks down the line.  Yet, if there’s something that keeps niggling you to adopt a better habit or practice and you’re still not doing it, life coaching could be the answer.  A life coach can help you dig deep into your desires and motivation (or lack of!) for forming this new habit, as well as unpick and understand why you’re not doing it, and help you take easy, actionable steps to embedding this new way into your life.  If you can brush your teeth and get dressed every day, you can form a habit, but there will be something subconsciously holding you back that needs to be made conscious so you can change for the better.

You’re your own worst critic or saboteur.

A lot of people fall into this category and since we listen to ourselves and inner voice, more than we do anyone else, it becomes completely life changing to become your own best friend and champion rather than a self-doubter, critic or saboteur.  Life coaching helps you consciously listen to your own words, thoughts and feelings and help you acknowledge them.  With awareness (for often we’re not even aware of the ongoing dialogue in our minds), we can then consciously change how we speak to ourselves and step into a kinder, more courageous and motivational relationship with ourselves.  It’s such an empowering shift.


If any of these signs resonate please do get in touch.

You can join my Inner Light Experience running from January 2022 to support you with any or all of these problems, or contact me directly for one-to-one coaching support.


With love,

Jo x 

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