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You’re the heart-centred, empathetic, down-to-earth female soul running her own business.  

You have a dream to be so successful and make a real difference to others … but … you’re stuck

I can make a guess that you’ve landed here because you’re overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself and had enough of living life like an emotional, self-sabotaging, wanna-be business owner.

In your heart, you dream of a life that’s fulfilling and fun and a business that brings you joy and feels easy to run. But the reality is you over-give, over-think and over-do.

Your focus, your direction, your priorities, your wellbeing and your mindset are all over the place.

And you’re so done with taking other people’s advice, following their ‘expert’ systems or blueprints because they just don’t work for you.

You know there is a better way, an aligned way … you just need to find it. 

You feel like …

Your family, your business, the housework, in fact, anything other than you, takes priority in your life.
Being busy makes you look and feel like a successful business owner AND Superwoman all-in-one … but deep in your soul you know you’re kidding yourself!
Others have got this sussed.  Their business has skyrocketed to success and it makes you wonder ‘how the hell did they do it?’
Your own little mind-gremlins are set to work eating away at your passion and self-esteem.  Perhaps you’re not good enough? 
You’re constantly going round in circles of self-doubt, changing your mind.
Questioning whether running a business is even something you’re capable truly of.
There has to be a way of doing business that feels right, honest, easier, aligned and true to you.  
Enough is enough and you finally feel ready to lead your life and your business with YOU at the heart of it … you just need to work out how.

If only you knew what changes to make to
get your confidence, trust and self-belief back. 

To have your heart and soul lit up again.


Well, hello my friend, I’m Jo

I’m so glad you landed here, because I’ve been exactly where you are.

And the really good thing is … I know how you can reignite and connect with your heart & soul, to feel aligned and at ease with your business and your life.   to feel the confidence, contentment, pride & flow come rushing in.

I spent years in the corporate world, climbing the ladder, conforming, being perfect, people-pleasing, grinding the daily work treadmill.  Yet I wasn’t being truly me – I didn’t truly know what ‘me’ was anymore.  And yet I had a yearning to do something more meaningful in life, so I jumped at the chance of being my own boss when redundancy came along. Finally I was free!  

But nobody EVER told me how hard it would be to go from a regular salary, in a job and world I knew inside out, to having my mind, my money and my focus constantly going up and down. Not to mention having to promote and market myself – ugh!  Be visible?  What?!    

So I figured it out for myself.  I tried and tested.  And tried again.  Because I had two kiddies to provide for and I was not going to let anything get the better of me.

And that’s why I’m here for you …

– to support you on the rollercoaster of confusion, self-doubt, fear and vulnerability

– to align your life and business in ways that work FOR you

– so you can experience the confidence, calm and contentment to go with it … and unashamedly do things YOUR way

I’m not going to promise you fairy dust and a perfect life or overnight success … but what I do know is that a life and business that makes you happy and fulfilled,
that’s aligned and true to you,
with you loving it and rolling with it,
DOES exist.
I can promise you that. And when you get there your business will never have felt so good!

And you CAN have that kind of life.  Oh yes!  With my tools, techniques, mentoring and bit of Jojo magic combined with your deep-seated desire to do the work, you can grab the lifestyle you want to lead.  You CAN lead your business your way.  And lady, it CAN be so much more fun, easy and joyful!


It all starts with a click of a button … or to hop on a Discovery Call with me.

Imagine …

Saving hours of stress, loneliness, worry, frustration and self-doubt and instead having a life that feels easy and fun and fulfilling.
Feeling that sparkle, that fire in your belly and the passion you have for your business again because you’re proudly being unashamedly you. 
Stopping playing small and second-best and, instead, sharing your brilliance with the world with nothing holding you back.
Having a mentor a few steps ahead of you who understands you, sees your potential, believes in you and wants you to succeed AND has some amazing heart-soul mastery tools that are tried and tested!

If this is calling you, then call me …


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Transform your mindset from the inside-out and live a limitless, more joyful life.

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I'm on a mission to share the honest truths about running a business.  No BS.  No fakery or pretence.

Each week I chat with like-minded business souls all about our experiences and share inspiration and advice along the way

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