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You’ve had the niggles and nudges to change.  And you can’t ignore them any longer.

Yet your mind is worrying about the what-if’s, fear freezes you, lack of confidence keeps you stuck … but still … that spark inside you is calling you for more

I can make a guess that you’ve landed here because you’re overwhelmed, tired,  frustrated … maybe feeling lost or discontent.  You’ve had enough of living life like an over-giving, self-sabotaging, hustling, perfectionist and people-pleaser running robotically on the treadmill of life.

To the outside world you look like you have it all.  But your heart and soul know something is missing.  You dream of a life that’s truly fulfilling, living on your terms, in your way.  A simpler, calmer way.  Being you, fully, and unashamedly.

Maybe you’ve tried other programs or coaching before but reached the point where you’re so done with taking other people’s advice, doing things you ‘should’ do or going on another training course.  You’ve followed ‘expert’ systems or blueprints before and they just haven’t worked in the way you’d hoped.

You know there is a better way, an aligned way, a calm way … you just need to find it.

Because that deep yearning within you is calling you to rise up, to reclaim your power and live with a sparkle in your eyes.

It’s time to listen to and honour the nudges from you soul now.  It’s time to step forward, step up and step into your next chapter. 

Does any of this ring true for you?


You’ve been feeling the niggles and nudges to make changes in your life but don’t really know what that looks like, how you might do it, or even if you can or should make those changes.


You’ve been over-doing, over-giving, over-critical (of yourself) and overwhelmed … and enough is enough.  It’s time to put your needs and desires first.


You perhaps don’t even know what you want to do or be in the future, you just know this isn’t working for you or feeling right anymore.  You want clarity, self-belief and you’re excited to explore what could be … and scared in equal measure.


You’ve maybe noticed a new level of disconnection from others, your job, your business, your friends … something is calling you towards greater fulfilment.


You know there has to be more to life than this … you’re done with the pushing, pretending, perfecting and people-pleasing.  It is time for you now.  It’s time to change for the better.


On the outside you look like you have it all … but on the inside you secretly feel disillusioned, discontent, dissatisfied, unfulfilled or lost.


You’ve a rising fear or worry that time is passing by and you truly want to live life more easily, joyously and being true to yourself before it’s too late.


You’ve been ruled by your logical, over-thinking mind and held back by self-sabotage, worry, a need for control or perfectionism … and, quite frankly, you would love to enjoy what truly lights up your heart and soul instead.

If only you knew what changes to make to
get your confidence, trust and self-belief back. 

To have your heart and soul lit up again.


Well, hello my friend, I’m Jo

I’m so glad you landed here, because I’ve been exactly where you are.

And … I know how you can reignite and REconnect with your heart & soul, to feel FULFILLED and at ease with your life.   to RECLAIM YOUR confidence, contentment & Calm AGAIN.

I spent years in the corporate world, climbing the ladder, conforming, being ‘perfect’, people-pleasing, grinding the daily work treadmill.  I was the archetypal ‘good girl’, loyal, hardworking employee and dutiful Mum, daughter and friend.  Yet I wasn’t being truly me – I didn’t truly know what ‘me’ was anymore.  I’d given my all to everyone and everything else.  It’s no wonder I felt like a big pretender and actress. 

Was this what life was really all about? Was this as good as it got?  I even felt guilty thinking these thoughts, with the so-say ‘perfect’ life around me.  

Yet I had a yearning to do something more meaningful in life.  I wanted more.  So I jumped at the chance of being my own boss when redundancy came along. Finally I was free … or so I thought!  

But nobody EVER told me how hard it would be to go from a regular salary, in a job and world I knew inside out, to having my mind, my money and my sense of purpose and self confidence and belief constantly going up and down.  I went from being on a robotic treadmill to emotional rollercoaster overnight.   

But I learned so much.  Life sure is the biggest teacher and greatest gift!


And I know and believe my lessons and experiences are here to help others.  It was all meant to be.  It was and is all perfectly timed and formed.

And that’s why I’m here for you …

– to support you on the rollercoaster of confusion, self-doubt, fear and vulnerability

– to align your life in ways that work FOR you … without the guilt, shame or fear

– so you can experience the confidence, calm, clarity and contentment to go with it

… and unashamedly do things YOUR way

I’m not going to promise you fairy dust and a perfect life or overnight success … but what I do know is that a life that fills you with joy and fulfilment, that’s aligned and true to you, with you loving it and rolling with it, DOES exist. I can promise you that.

And when you begin to experience it for yourself your life will never have felt so good or so at ease!

And you CAN have that kind of life.  Oh yes!  With my tools, techniques, mentoring and bit of Jojo magic combined with your deep-seated desire to do the work, you can grab the life you want to lead.  Be truly, fully you.  Live your life your way.  And my friend, it CAN be so much more fun, easy and joyful!


It all starts with a click of a button … to book a Discovery Call with me.

Let’s chat and see how I can support you.

Imagine …


Saving hours of stress, worry, frustration and self-doubt and instead having a life that feels easy, liberating, fun and fulfilling.


Ditching guilt, shame and fear and instead embracing calm confidence, self-worth and a strong sense of self-belief.


Feeling that sparkle in your eyes, that fire in your belly and a deep passion for your life again because you’re proudly being fully and unashamedly you. 


Weaving ease and calm through the core of your mind, thoughts and being, deeply trusting and believing in yourself.


Stopping playing small and second-best and, instead, sharing your brilliance, honouring your true self with nothing holding you back.


Having a supportive coach and mentor a few steps ahead of you who understands you, sees your potential, believes in you and wants you to succeed AND has some amazing heart-soul mastery tools that are tried and tested!

If this is calling you, then call me …


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