Tackling Imposter Syndrome in your workplace

With research showing 60-85% of people suffer with Imposter Syndrome to some degree (i.e. holding themselves back due to self-doubt, feeling like a fraud, unworthy, or not good enough), we can no longer ignore the impact it has on employee wellbeing and mental health, career progression and the daily experience at work.

Imposter Syndrome is not just an individual issue, however, it’s a collective responsibility.  We each contribute to how included and valued others feel through our own words and actions.

Organisations who invest in raising awareness of the causes and consequences relating to Imposter Syndrome and provide training or coaching to support their people are known to reap the benefits in terms of talent retention, productivity, innovation, inclusivity and wellbeing.

Let me advise, support and enable you to tackle Imposter Syndrome head on and ensure your organisational culture is one that has inclusivity at its core.  Let me coach and train your people so they are empowered to manage and overcome it, enabling them to contribute as their best selves, fully to your business.

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Ways I can support your organisation:

Coaching | Training | Workshops | Speaking


  • Imposter Syndrome & self-confidence coaching
  • Personal & authentic leadership coaching
  • Career & life coaching
  • Team or group workshops or training programs on Imposter Syndrome to understand and gain practical techniques to manage and overcome it
  • Wellbeing, career or leadership event speaker talking about Imposter Syndrome

Jo’s Credentials:


  • Natural teacher, collaborator and relationship builder
  • Certified ICF Coach trained in NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Masters degree (MA) in Internal Communication Management with distinction

  • Post Grad Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Management

  • BSc (Hons) Human Physiology with Psychology

What my corporate clients have said …


‘Jo is a superb facilitator – friendly, approachable and hugely knowledgeable. The workshop  was structured with an effective mix of listening, masterminding and practical exercises – which kept things lively and engaging.’

~ IOIC Workshop Delegate



‘Jo delivers.  She got quickly up to speed, shared insightful recommendations and I am confident in our approach to take our communications to the next level for our business.’

~ E-Commerce Client


‘Jo’s calm approach combined with her depth of understanding and practical approach was so valuable. Jo knows her stuff and is an absolute pleasure to partner with.’

~ Pharmaceutical Client