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Awaken & Aspire

This high-touch 3-month experience is designed to empower you, leaving you to enjoy inner confidence, clarity and calm so you can feel unashamedly you and fulfilled with life.

Delivered 1:1 or in Groups


Confidently Me

If imposter syndrome, lack of inner confidence or low self-belief is holding you back in life, then this is the perfect 1:1 coaching experience for you.


Soul Purpose Reading

Using your time, date and place of birth I create a unique and personalized report using Human Design and astrology to give you clarity on your purpose and truest potential, as well as what might be holding you back – perfect when you’ve lost your direction or want insight and aligned clarity on your next steps.

It’s who you were born to be!



Enquire about tailored-to-you in-depth support with weekly 1:1’s, plus Voxer support, the goodness, tools and techniques from my other programs, a Soul Purpose reading and Human Design insights and support.

Minimum of 3 months for lasting change

Prices start at £666 per month,
with a 10% pay-in-full bonus.

Working with Jo

For most of my life I’ve been a perfectionist, over-achiever, people-pleaser and had the longest ‘to-do’ lists going! 

People always said I came across as happy and confident … inside was a different story.  I never felt good enough.  I always felt there was more I could do, give or be.  You might know how that feels!  It’s tiring, disheartening, overwhelming and it’s no wonder I lost sight of who I was!

So what changed?

Redundancy and an exit from the corporate world, is what!  I took the leap of faith into running my own business and honestly it’s been the biggest personal development journey of my life.

I can hand-on-heart say that I know myself better than ever before.  I have healed my relationship with my parents (and that’s a story for another time!).  I am true to myself, full of self-respect and have bags of self-love.  I put myself first, tuning in to my own needs and honouring them without shame or guilt. 

I have such clarity on my life path and trust in being supported in realising my destiny.  It’s created an inner peace and calm that transcends into my life, my relationships and rubs off on those around me (clients included!).  I feel like I’m truest version of me – the pretence, perfection and people-pleasing securely left behind in my corporate career years.  It’s empowering, exciting and oh-so liberating!

coaching, mentoring, confidence, self-care, life purpose

I’m an empath, healer, intuitive coach, spiritual mentor, scientist and psychologist 

My work sews all that I am seamlessly together through the therapies, toolkit, courses, group experiences and coaching I offer.  I constantly draw from my human physiology and psychology degree, my masters in communication, my cognitive behavioural training, personal experiences and countless years spent coaching and mentoring.  I weave in Human Design, breath and energy work to empower you on a totally holistic level.  

I like to say that I blend the science with the spiritual … honouring every facet of my background and passions.  And while spirituality might seem a little ‘out there’ or weird to some, I have a natural, practical way of infusing it through my coaching.

It’s a unique and powerful mix of ingredients that I love using and sharing for lasting, impactful, empowered change.  It’s a recipe that reconnects your mind, body, heart and soul, so you can finally understand and honour yourself, just as you are.


If you’d like help to consciously align your life

with deep joy and ease so you can

feel inner calm confidence and clarity and

enjoy living an empowered and fulfilled life

What it’s like to work me … as my clients say

I love this Jo. Feeling so cared for by you, so bloomin’ inspired to make these beautiful little changes. I’m massively proud of the shifts in my thinking. Seems like I’ve made more fundamental life changes than I have from years of self help books. You are one clever lady, I knew that bit already. Seeing you in action, doing the thing you love is wonderful for me as a client to get your wisdom and care.

You have created the most wonderful, safe and nurturing space to dive deep into this work. I have loved every second of it.  Whilst there has been a theme running throughout, I love how you have intuitively known the best exercises to give us (you really know your stuff!). And how the coaching calls have built upon this too.  It’s made me reflect A LOT about how I am balancing (or not) my work/life blend and the importance of self care and looking at what I need. It’s also made me really conscious of things I am doing and thinking that really don’t serve me well and what to do about that.

The most significant realisation for me has been starting the journey towards listening to my body and my heart. I have spent far too long listening only to my head and channelling masculine energies. It has been amazing to begin tapping back into the ‘real me’. You’ve been amazing at guiding me from my head zone, stressful, frustrating, everything must happen now attitude to one which is more trusting, kind to myself and calm.

I have just gone back and finished this lovely workbook and even though I thought I was being superficial, I wasn’t. I am REALLY beginning to get clarity over what I would like my life to be like and strange little things are happening which totally align. Exciting. Thank you for this.

Feeling like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t plate spin quite enough, do quite enough, even be quite enough. I wasn’t lost, or sad, but I wasn’t very chilled, wasn’t very aligned and life was a bit too stressful for my liking. Like I was always set on ‘more, more, more’.

I learned a few things. I learned to listen to my heart and body as much as my head. The headaches stopped. I learned to trust that I was right where I needed to be. The calm arrived. I learned to release control and have more balance. The spontaneity came back. I’m still in the same job – same situation according to the outside world, but boy, my inside world is different. 

So thank you Queen of Ease. I loved being introduced to journaling, human design (still blows my mind) and learning to love and work with my wonderful skill of getting frustrated easily.

It was an amazing session. And once again I felt really safe, able to share, and I can see that Jo’s guiding hand and your similar experiences are going to be a beautiful match for me right now. Thank you. I’m off to journal and I’m tapping into my feminine energy to hear what my heart and body have to say.

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