Did your parents ever tell you that you had to work hard to be successful? That money doesn’t grow on trees.

Perhaps you were told that family comes first.

Or perhaps good girls don’t…. <fill in the blanks>

Maybe you grew up believing that children should be seen and not heard … and you still feel like that child sometimes, doubtful of your own opinion and value.

Perhaps you were taught to believe it was greedy to ask for what you wanted. Or wasteful or ungrateful to leave any food on your plate.

These kind of phrases are just stories. Made up. None of them are true. But we become indoctrinated. We don’t question. We believed and accepted them because they originated from people we trusted, looked up to, or had authority over us. And so the stories become lived, embodied, part of our fabric and being. Unnoticed. Woven into our subconscious. But oh my days imagine how liberating, empowering or just bloody great would it be to ditch those conscious or subconscious beliefs, limiting stories and down-right untruths?

What if money DID grow on trees? Oh it but it does. Where do you think fruit comes from? Fruit is a currency. Ohhhhhh! Now do you see?!

What if you didn’t have to work hard, to stress, to hustle, to push to be happy and successful? Well yours truly is a living breathing example of just this very way – I am The Queen of Ease after all. And I know plenty of others who actively choose to align with the ease-principle to live their lives. Plenty.

If something is limiting you, causing you doubt or worry or fear it’s likely due to a story you didn’t even know you believed, told to you a long time ago. And we can change them. When we become aware and know how to reframe them. Then we can live our own truths. Live freely. Live confidently. Live unashamedly. Live in any which frickin’ way you feel is right and good to live your own version of happiness and success. It all comes down to what you choose to believe. What you choose to be YOUR truth.

So if it ain’t workin’ for you, my friend, then change it so it does. The ladies on my AWAKEN group experience have realised this for themselves, their energy and mindset have changed, they’ve made BIG decisions to change for their own betterment and their trust in themselves has skyrocketed.

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With love,

Jo xx