If you’d have asked me a few years ago what self-care was, I’d likely have gone into dreamland and said things like … ‘It’s having a luxury bubble bath with scented candles all around me’ or ‘Lazing in my garden hammock with my favourite book sipping a glass of chilled prosecco’.

Back then I was way off the mark with my understanding of real self-care.

You see, where we get the whole self-care thing wrong, is in our approach.

Self-care starts from the inside, not the outside-in.

I liken it to drinking water.  By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated and tired.  You can still take a drink and relieve the thirst, but the underlying problems still remain. Whereas if you listen to your body and drink water regularly you stay hydrated, energized, happier and focused more of the time.

Self-care is the same.

It’s about doing what FEELS right when you’ve a choice or decision to make. Everytime.

It’s about listening to whether it feels good to say yes to that late meeting, that extra project to take on, or that client request before you commit to anything.

It’s about honouring your boundaries to protect your energy, your time, your heart. Always.

It’s about feeling worthy of and open to receiving all the good things, the treats and the external help.

It’s asking for and planning ahead for help when you need it.

It’s knowing when to stop and rest and being kind to yourself when you do, rather than pushing on regardless and depleting yourself more.

It’s the kind, supportive talk to yourself in your head, like you’re your own best friend.

And then if you feel the need for a long bath or time to yourself to read, then you take that too.  Guilt-free of course!

Never fool yourself that external treats and pampering are all there is to self-care.

True self-care runs deep through your whole belief system and connection with your soul.  It starts with how you feel inside, what you say to yourself and what you believe about yourself.

Listen within you. Be kind to you. Honour you. Believe in you. Be true to you.

THEN true self-care becomes part of you.

With love, Jo x

P.s. Guilt-free, empowering self-care is one of my favourite things to support others to embody. I’ve learnt the hard way so you don’t have to!  Do get in touch if you’d love my support and guidance.