Have you ever felt so worried, lost in despair, so desperate for things to work out right for you? It’s a horrible place to be and one I have encountered too many times for my liking. It feels such a heavy weight to carry.

But here’s the thing … Worrying doesn’t solve the issue. In fact, it drains your energy and slows your progress towards your desires. Its energetic vibration is low and unsurprisingly pushes people, opportunities, money, your desires further away.

The antidote to worrying is to trust.

Have unwavering faith and trust that your desires will be realised. Look back over your past and see how you’ve always been supported in incredible ways. Notice how synchronicities, unexpected opportunities, things you’d never even thought of have just appeared and saved the day. Remember how those chance meetings, conversations, inspired thoughts were the catalyst to something greater. See how even the darkest moments brought light, compassion, strength, surrender into your life and lead you to this moment and all that you now are.

I have so many beautiful, inspiring examples of all of these. And I know you have too. So with this knowing that you’ve always been supported, please trust that whatever you’re worrying about or facing right now that doesn’t feel so great, is just part of your pathway to an even better life.


Trust your desires, or better, will come to you all in perfect time.

Trust you have everything you need within you already.

Trust you will always be supported. Always.

With love,

Jo x