Speak Up with Confidence!


A practical, insightful workshop designed to help you overcome your resistance to speaking up and sharing what you need to share.


Our voice is such a powerful tool, yet so often under-used.  Through it we communicate and connect with others, we express ourselves, we share our ideas, thoughts, desires, knowledge, needs.

Yet, all too commonly, we don’t speak up.  Our fears, worries, over-thinking mind and thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough, funny enough, worthy enough get in the way.  Leaving us frustrated, resentful, annoyed and stuck staying small.   While others steal the limelight, others get what they want, others gain more respect.

But it doesn’t have to be that way … and that’s why I’m sharing this free workshop to help you understand why you struggle to speak up with confidence and teach you simple, practical, powerful ways to overcome it so that you can feel more empowered, fulfilled, calmer and more confident expressing yourself fully.


Tuesday 14 June 2022

 2 pm – 3 pm (UK time)


It’s perfect for you if:


Find you hold yourself back in meetings or conversations, not sharing your ideas, thoughts or knowledge … and you’re fed up of others stealing the limelight or saying what you were going to say


Get frustrated with yourself for not speaking up with honesty … maybe you’re afraid of what others might think if you were to share your truth


You don’t want to come across as cocky or arrogant, but you do want to be more visible, valued and respected for what you say


You worry you’ll be ‘found out’ as incompetent or inadequate in some way if you were to speak up.


You’re a quieter soul, your voice is softer, or you’re more of an introvert and you want to come across more confidently


You find it difficult to say ‘No’ and end up feeling others take advantage of your goodwill


You struggle to set and honour healthy boundaries meaning you can overwork, over-commit, or feel overwhelmed.


You find it hard to ask for what YOU need.

What is the format for the workshop?

  • The workshop is free.
  • It will be held online via Zoom.
  • The workshop will run for 60 minutes.
  • There will be a dynamic mixture of psychology to help you understand and practical tips to help you move forward.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to ask me any questions and gain my advice.
  • You’ll need to bring a notepad or journal too.
  • The session will be recorded and made available to those who sign up.

If all of this sounds just what you need to speak up with greater confidence,

book your free place now. 

For those of you that don’t know me….

Hello! I’m Jo …

I’m an holistic coach, mentor, intuitive and empath who loves to write, talk, guide, teach, listen and connect with like-minded good souls. I’ve been in the corporate world, pushing and hustling most of my career, but redundancy offered me the gift and opportunity to set up my own business … from which I continue to learn and honour so much about myself.  It also led me to search for tools and techniques to help myself overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, and crippling fear, stress and worry, which I now share and use in my one-to-one and group experiences, to help others lead the calmer, fulfilling, empowered lives they so crave.

I’ve been coaching and empowering people to overcome confidence and self-worth issues for years.  It breaks my heart to see amazing people not fulfill their own potential and share their brilliance fully with the world … so my work is all about trying to change that.  

What others have said about my workshops …


Thank you Jo for a very enlightening workshop today! Really resonated with me.

~ Sam



Thanks for the session on Tuesday – it was SO good! I have pages and pages of notes.

~ Lisa


Thank you Jo. Your workshop came at just the right time for me. Who would have thought I’d understand and learn so much in an hour. So much to think about now!

~ Karen

If you have any questions, please get in contact.