The Imposter to Incredible Experience

I’m so excited to share this experience with you

As some one who is all-too-familiar with Imposter Syndrome it feels wonderful to be able to guide and support others and help them overcome it through this experience.

I know what you’re facing.  I know how you feel.  I know how frustrating it is!

Imposter Syndrome held me back, while ensuring I over-worked, over-gave and over-did in order to feel good enough.  Then I STILL didn’t believe in myself and pushed even harder.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Over the past number of years I’ve researched, tried and personally tested different tools and techniques to stop the crippling self-doubt I experienced.  My coaching world is full of clients who suffer the same.  And in this group experience I blend all of this knowledge and experience to finally help you go from feeling like an imposter to feeling incredible from within.

This is a space purposefully designed to support you in:



  • Connecting with your inner critic and understanding how to manage and diffuse it.
  • Establishing and embodying good, wholesome practices and habits to nourish your mind, body and soul.
  • Becoming your own best friend and intuitive guide, where you can recognise and honour your own needs without guilt or shame.
  • Going within, with self-compassion and curiosity so that you can learn to embrace all of you and feel more ease and inner calm.
  • Unlocking limiting beliefs and behaviours to feel free and able to step into the fullest version of yourself.
  • Working through whatever comes up for you during this time in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment to build confidence, self-belief and momentum.
” Only when we become our own best friend, can we be the fullest, most radiant version of ourselves.”

~ Jo Hall


It’s perfect for you if:

You struggle to quieten the inner critic voice inside your head and it’s holding you back from being your fullest self.
You find it hard to take compliments or believe the great things people say about you.
You’d love to stop being the perfectionist, people-pleasing procrastinator and find greater ease and momentum instead.
You want to stop seeking external validation or trying to meet others expectations and instead find self-belief and empowerment within you.
You’re fed up of over-doing, over-giving and feeling overwhelmed and wish you could push back, say ‘No’ and honour yourself better.
You’d love to become your own best friend and champion, to feel more confident and courageous.
You’d love to learn and practice tools and techniques that you can benefit from for the rest of your life to boost your confidence, self esteem and wellbeing.
You want (or need!) a guiding, nurturing, intuitive coach and mentor by your side as you practice navigating and embodying this new way of being.

How will the Imposter to Incredible Experience be?

  • It will run for 6 weeks from Monday 11th April through into May.
  • Every week we will have a group call via Zoom (day/time to be confirmed based on who signs up!).  
  • Group calls will include a mix of coaching and support for you, teaching, guidance or whatever I sense you need each week.  They will be recorded and shared.
  • In between group sessions you’ll be given activities to help you better connect with and understand yourself, empowering you to become your own best friend and build your inner confidence
  • Further support will also likely include some guided meditation, energy work, journaling, Oracle card insights … or any of the tools and techniques I personally work with and love!
  • Being a group program creates its own wondrous supportive energy and a-ha moments and I’m excited for the support you’ll give to and gain from each other as we work through the weeks together. 
  • My intention, as ever, is to create a safe, supportive space where you can feel able to share what’s going on for you, openly, and without judgement.  But don’t just take my word for it, scroll down the page to hear what past clients have said it’s like to work with me. 

If all of this sounds just what you need to nourish and empower yourself, I am offering this guided and supportive experience for the crazy price of just £497 (payment plan options available to help spread the cost).


For those of you who don’t know me …

Hello! I’m Jo and I’m a coach, mentor, intuitive and empath who loves to write, talk, guide, teach, listen and connect with like-minded good souls. I’ve been in the corporate world, pushing and hustling most of my career, but redundancy offered me the gift and opportunity to set up my own business … from which I continue to learn and honour so much about myself.  It also led me to search for tools and techniques to help myself overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, and crippling fear, stress and worry, which I now share and use in my one-to-one and group experiences, to help others lead the calmer, fulfilling lives they so crave.

I love nothing more than to empower others, to see them find inner calm, to honour and respect themselves and truly step into their power and potential in their own, unique way.  For those, like you and me, who wish to shine their inner light, to live life truly and fully, we pave the way and give permission for others to do the same.  We bring more light into the world in whatever way we can and I’d be honoured to help and guide you on this journey.

What past clients have said about working with me

Feeling so cared for by you, so bloomin inspired to make these beautiful little changes. I’m massively proud of the shifts in my thinking. Seems like I’ve made more fundamental life changes than I have from years of self help books.’.’
‘You have created the most wonderful, safe and nurturing space to dive deep into this work. I have loved every second of it.  Whilst there has been a theme running throughout, I love how you have intuitively known the best exercises to give us (you really know your stuff!). And how the coaching calls have built upon this too.  It’s made me reflect A LOT about how I am balancing (or not) my work/life blend and the importance of self care and looking at what I need. It’s also made me really conscious of things I am doing and thinking that really don’t serve me well and what to do about that.’
‘The most significant realisation for me has been starting the journey towards listening to my body and my heart. I have spent far too long listening only to my head and channeling masculine energies. It has been amazing to begin tapping back into the ‘real me’. You’ve been amazing at guiding me from my head zone / stressful / frustrating / everything must happen now attitude to one which is more trusting, kind to myself and calm.’

If this feels like the kind of experience and space you need to feel confident from the inside

I would love for you to …

For just £497 (payment plan options available to help spread the cost). 

If you have any questions, please get in contact.