Empowered Calm


I am excited to share the ‘Empowered Calm’ workshop with you.


Designed to support those of you struggling with stress, anxiety, worry, overworking, overthinking, and self-doubt, this workshop will give you new and surprising insight to the life you lead, as well as help you understand lesser known causes of stress that are likely impacting the quality of your life.  I’ll also importantly share simple, practical tools you can apply right away to live a calmer, more content and happy life.

Believe me, life does not have to be so difficult!  And I’m here to show you how!

If you’re seeking a calmer, happier, easier way of life then this is the workshop for you.


Thursday 5 May 2022

 2 pm – 3 pm (UK time)


It’s perfect for you if:


You find life stressful and overwhelming and would love life to feel easier and calmer.


You feel under pressure to be good at everything and cope with everything.  Sometimes your pride and independence gets in the way of seeking support.


You don’t seem to stop, you’re always on the go doing things, and it’s making you feel tired and frazzled.


When you slow down, rest or take time for yourself you feel guilty or can’t switch off your mind from your to-do list.


You worry a lot – about the future, about what people think of you, about whether you’re good enough.


You try to be perfect, productive, in-control and confident all the time and feel exhausted trying to keep up the facade.


You never settle and keep doing more (gaining qualifications or experience, working harder or longer hours, micro-managing others) in a bid to feel competent and on top of your game.

What is the format for the workshop?

  • The workshop is free.
  • It will be held online via Zoom.
  • The workshop will run for 60 minutes.
  • There will be a dynamic mixture of teaching, sharing (if you wish) and guided meditation.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to ask me any questions and gain my advice.
  • You’ll need to bring a notepad or journal too.

If all of this sounds just what you need to nourish and calmly empower yourself,

book your free place now. 

For those of you that don’t know me….

Hello! I’m Jo …

I’m an holistic coach, mentor, intuitive and empath who loves to write, talk, guide, teach, listen and connect with like-minded good souls. I’ve been in the corporate world, pushing and hustling most of my career, but redundancy offered me the gift and opportunity to set up my own business … from which I continue to learn and honour so much about myself.  It also led me to search for tools and techniques to help myself overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, and crippling fear, stress and worry, which I now share and use in my one-to-one and group experiences, to help others lead the calmer, fulfilling, empowered lives they so crave.

I’ve been coaching and empowering people to overcome stress, self-doubt and perfectionism for years.  It breaks my heart to see amazing people not fulfill their own potential and share their brilliance fully with the world … so my work is all about trying to change that – empowering others to be their own best friend and champion in life.  

What past clients have said about working with me


Feeling so cared for by you, so bloomin inspired to make these beautiful little changes. I’m massively proud of the shifts in my thinking. Seems like I’ve made more fundamental life changes than I have from years of self help books.’.’


‘You have created the most wonderful, safe and nurturing space to dive deep into this work. I have loved every second of it.  Whilst there has been a theme running throughout, I love how you have intuitively known the best exercises to give us (you really know your stuff!). And how the coaching calls have built upon this too.  It’s made me reflect A LOT about how I am balancing (or not) my work/life blend and the importance of self care and looking at what I need. It’s also made me really conscious of things I am doing and thinking that really don’t serve me well and what to do about that.’


The most significant realisation for me has been starting the journey towards listening to my body and my heart. I have spent far too long listening only to my head and channeling masculine energies. It has been amazing to begin tapping back into the ‘real me’. You’ve been amazing at guiding me from my head zone / stressful / frustrating / everything must happen now attitude to one which is more trusting, kind to myself and calm.’

If this feels like the kind of experience and space you need

I would love for you to

If you have any questions, please get in contact.