What I love about life coaching is that the beneficial outcomes become a ripple effect of positive change.  There’s no coincidence that when you work on improving one area of your life, other areas seem to magically improve too.  We are holistic beings after all, so prepare for your whole world to shift and shape in incredible and unexpected ways when you work with a life coach.

While there are probably a million and one benefits of having life coaching, here are some of my favourites and what I love to see change in my own caoching clients …

To help you make the right changes or choices.  How many times have you made choices that really weren’t in your best interests?  Now as much as I believe everything happens for a reason, even if it’s for the lesson it teaches us, I also believe that when we become more self-aware and understand ourselves better we can make such better choices, decisions and changes – ones that serve us well.  Life coaching can help you learn to differentiate between what might be an expectation or a choice that others might make and our own inner compass, guiding us to making the right decision for us, rather than someone else.  The ripple effect is greater empowerment and calmness, and much, much less frustration and resentment.

To enable you to become your own biggest champion and best friend and improve your relationship with yourself.  Since we are the only constant being through our entire lives, this is a vital relationship to work on.  The possibilities are endless with this benefit, but, for me and many of my coaching clients, we’ve also then enjoyed deeper, more meaningful and loving relationships with others when we have learned to love and appreciate ourselves first.

To help you find practices, habits and tools that work for you.  If you’re one of these people that aren’t great at embedding a new good habit, or ditching one that really doesn’t serve you well, then life coaching is a super supportive and insightful way of helping you find the right practices or tools to boost your wellbeing and mindset.  If a habit isn’t sticking, life coaching can help you get the bottom of it and understand why.

To discover what’s holding you back from reaching your own potential or enjoying life fully.  Life coaching holds up a mirror which can be uncomfortable, but also a necessary part of our personal growth journey.  When we see, we can’t unsee and therein lies the power to change.  Suddenly when you notice how you’re sabotaging your own happiness and recognise the power you hold to unlock your potential, it’s a game changer.

To help you gain clarity.  Whether you’re not clear on why you are feeling stuck, what decision to make, or what route on your life path you should take next, life coaching looks at your whole, um, life (funny that!) to help you gain clarity on what to change and why.  It helps uncover your inner truth and guidance so that you can learn to trust your own feelings and decision-making, and be empowered to take the right steps forward for you.  With clarity and desire you’ll discover more courage as well as attract opportunities and abundance in ways you could never dream of.

To discover and increase your personal success and happiness with more ease, so you can enjoy living life without the hustling, stressing, worrying and overthinking.  Life coaching, in my book, is all about empowering the other person, to set them up with the strongest of foundations to lead their own lives without holding back anymore.  Success and happiness don’t need to come at a price, or with sacrifice, and as a life coach, I work to ensure anything you say, think or do moving forwards is in true alignment with you.  When you live in alignment with your true self, meaning you listen to and honour yourself and your needs and desires, you automatically reduce the hustling and pushing, you find inner contentment, you feel fulfilled. It is a significant shift in how we’ve been conditioned to be, yet it’s the most powerful change you can make (which I, or a jolly good life coach, can help you with.

I hope this blog has helped you learn a little more about life coaching and how it’s something that can truly help change your life and how you experience it for the better.


With love, Jo x

p.s. Of course, if you’d like to see how we can work together to improve your life, you can book a free Discovery Call here and we can talk more.