How strong is your self-belief?

Having a solid sense of self-belief is one of THE biggest factors affecting how fulfilling, content and in-flow and easy life feels. Yet sometimes we can get caught up in a spiralling downward cycle and begin to lose sight of our belief in ourselves and our true sense of self without even realising. And that state can be crippling as I know only too well.

Here are 5 signs that show you’re on a downward cycle and need to readdress how you’re living life …

  1. working all the hours, pushing, striving, being busy
  2. taking yet another course or qualification
  3. regularly turning to others for advice, opinion, guidance or expertise
  4. feeling frustrated, full of doubt or fear or overthinking, feeling numb to life
  5. feeling stuck or frequently losing your momentum and motivation

If any of these resonate, the simplest and quickest way back to cultivating a strong sense of self-belief is to

❣️Recognise the signs (good, we’ve ticked that one!)

❣️Stop and reflect on where you’re giving your power away and why that might be

❣️Tune in to what would feel good for you – what would feel better

❣️Do or change one thing you could do to take a step towards that feeling

❣️Repeat the cycle until these symptoms no longer apply or don’t occur very often

Sometimes it’s just being made conscious of being in a vicious cycle that helps stop you spiralling down into the depths.

With love, Jo