About Jo

I think it’s always reassuring to know that someone’s passion is also backed up by a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications.

I have over ten years of experience in employee engagement, internal communication, organisational change and wellbeing practices. Plus over twenty years in global leadership, line management, project management, coaching and mentoring.

I have a massive love for learning. I am always reading books, articles and research papers and integrate the knowledge and ideas into AFIRE through my consultancy arm, workshops, blogs or mentoring to make sure I offer up-to-date and best practice advice. I also have a few hard-earned qualifications to my name, (that I’m really proud of!) because I like to be credible as well as knowledgeable.

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Internal Communication Management
    (with distinction)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Management
  • EMCC and INLPTA trained coach
  • APMP qualified project manager
  • Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication (FIIC)

I’ve also been seen in …

I wrote the Essential Measurement for Internal Communication Workbook for Poppulo and developed a supporting webinar which you can view here.

View Here

I wrote a blog about the top tips from an IOIC Awards Judge

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I ran a webinar for the IOIC about making measurement in Internal Communication easy.  Watch it here.

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I wrote a very practical whitepaper on How to integrate and maximise your channels.

And ran a supporting webinar which you can watch here.

View Here


I choose to work with organisations whose

mission, values and ways of working align well with my own in order to broaden the reach, value and impact of what I can offer

With a passion for people development and internal communication, it’s a no-brainer for me to volunteer for and support the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC) to help enhance our profession’s standards and reputation.

Since 2016, I have been actively involved in judging the annual national awards, organising the IOIC annual conference, mentoring other members, speaking at events, and running webinars and workshops.

It’s my mission to share as much of my expertise for the benefit of others in the profession and drive a better working world.

The Engage for Success movement centres around promoting employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations.

I was drawn to voluntarily getting involved with their Wellbeing Thought Action Group to combine my expertise in employee engagement, coaching and organisational culture with my personal interest in wellbeing.  I hope to incorporate my learnings through AFIRE to make a difference to anyone in the working world who wishes to improve their knowledge and application of wellbeing practices.

How I work

What to expect from working with me

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business OWNER, a team LEADER or an individual, I offer cost-effective consultancy, support and solutions to help you build a culture where everyone can thrive.

AFIRE is just me.  There’s no big agency behind the scenes, so you can be reassured that every step of the way it’ll be me working with you.  I can and do tap into my trusted network to make sure I offer clients the best advice and support.  And I will be honest and say if your requirements go beyond my area of expertise or if I don’t feel I can give you the time that you need right now.  If that happens, I will gladly recommend somebody else that might be able to help so you’re not left high and dry.

If I do get the opportunity to work with you to share my knowledge and expertise, I will also bring an open and curious mind, and a happy, collaborative spirit to everything I do.

It goes without saying that all of my clients are treated with the strictest levels of confidence and professionalism.

If you have a clearly defined need for my help, or wish to discuss how we could work together, please contact me here to arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation.

I look forward to chatting further with you.


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