About Jo

Hey I’m Jo and I’m an empath, nurturer and supportive soul.

Looking back I’ve always been this way. And now my life is aligned with who I really am, everything feels sooo much better!

I’m the very proud Mum of two teenagers who constantly amaze me with how they look at life. Yes, they can be moody and a pain in the bum sometimes, but it’s such a privilege to be by their side to help them navigate their own paths in life with confidence in their own unique way.

I spent 20 plus years in the corporate world with a very strong, common thread running through it – leading teams and developing individuals. I loved seeing the potential in others and helping them recognise it in themselves. Nothing gave me greater pleasure than to see others grow in confidence and find fulfilment in their job.

And that’s one of the biggest reasons why I love my business.
Not only does it give me freedom to enjoy my life my way, with time for people I love and time for myself (I’ve purposely designed it this way!)…

My business taps into my empathetic, nurturing side and lets me truly share one of my superpowers … to see and grow the potential in others.

Helping other empathetic business owners realise their potential, supporting them and championing them along the way is my absolute passion.

It lights the fire in my belly and warms the cockles of my heart to see others shine and thrive. 

My work sews all that I am seamlessly together through the therapies, toolkit, courses, groups and coaching I offer.  I constantly draw from my human physiology and psychology degree, my masters in communication, my hypnotherapy training and years of coaching and mentoring training.  

Yet, what I know my clients truly love about working with me (apart from the magic wand and mind-reading abilities they think I have!) is my down-to-earth, relatability.  I just seem to get them, they say.  Probably because, just like them, starting my own business has been THE hardest thing I have ever experienced, rocking my self-belief like never before.

However …  all these experiences have (finally!) taught me that mindset and aligned action-taking are THE keys to leading a successful business and joyful, fulfilling life.  The only thing ever holding you back from success is YOU.  And that is exactly why I do what I do through my business, with people just like you.


I help you unlock the power of your own mind and rewire your mindset
which is 90% of your business success sorted 

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